Three important reasons to keep moving during COVID-19


We are in a very bizarre time at the moment. Measures have been taken globally to slow down the spread of the Corona Virus and this has impacted everyone on the planet. If you are feeling slightly unsettled, you are not alone. We too are feeling slightly uneasy about everything and the rate at which this thing progresses is astonishing. First and foremost know that the measures being taken are important- keep things in perspective- this is a global response and we are lucky to live in a time where we have the knowledge and expertise to make these tough calls. Reach out to those you care about- take some time to be with your family and hang in there!

With the uncertainty around races and timelines for facility use it can be tough to stay motivated, but you must! Here are three of the most important reasons to keep moving during COVID-19.

Reason 1: Mental Health

Physical fitness aside, staying fit will help you mentally. Physical activity has a dramatic impact on mental health- it quite literally changes your brain chemistry. Training is one of the best parts of our lives so carve out some time every day to make it happen and you will feel better.

Reason 2: Routine and Structure

Humans, by and large, love routine. Routine gives us structure in our lives and routine ads to our sense of purpose. When our routines are altered it can throw us for a loop. If you are currently staying home to work or on a quarantine because you’ve returned from travelling one of the best things you can do is maintain a sense of routine and structure in your life. The physical fitness part of your life is a crucial part of this routine and will not only help you feel more on track during the day but will give you something to look forward to.

Reason 3: Events will start again- be ready

Although the timelines are not clear- races will start up again when this is over. The events and communities will be anxious to get going and you will be too. The best thing you can do at this stage is to enter into a general preparation phase- specificity is not needed unless your event is a for sure thing with a for sure date. Keep all the energy systems engaged and keep laying down a good foundation so once this is over you can point the arrow again. By staying on top of it now you will be in a better position to get specific when we come out the other side.

During this time of unpredictability create some space in your life for something that is predictable. Your training routine will help you feel mentally more awesome, will give your days some structure and will ensure that you are fit and ready coming out the other side. Hang in there everyone!

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