Triathlon – 8 week Sprint Distance – BEGINNER


This 8-week program is designed for beginner triathletes who are preparing for a sprint distance triathlon or something similar.

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This 8-week program is designed for beginner triathletes who are preparing for a sprint distance triathlon or something similar. This program will require 6-12 hours per week and can easily be integrated with a Volt strength-training plan (available to B78 Endurance Hub members). You can expect to have three or more exposures to each discipline of swim, bike and run as well as two strength-training exposures on most weeks. Every weekend you will have a workout that simulates the bike/run portion of the race offering an opportunity for you to practice your second transition. The last weekend of the program indicates a sprint distance race on the Sunday. If you are brand new to the sport, we recommend completing the 8-week general preparation plan for beginners first. All programs can be found in the B78 Endurance Hub program library. Throughout this program you may find terms that you are not familiar with. If this is the case please refer to the program appendix available at the B78 Endurance Hub programs section. We wish you the best of luck with your training.


Athletes taking part in this program should consider doing the 8-week beginner intro program to start followed by the 8-week building base/foundation program and the 8-week beginner general preparation plan. If your event is 8-weeks away it is fine to jump straight into this program as it will prepare you more specifically for the race.

Programs to follow this one

There are several great programs you can use to continue on from this one. Consider the Olympic distance program, Half Ironman or the Ironman programs for beginners. If you have completed a full year on our beginner programs consider moving up to our more advanced program options.

Other things you should know

All of the distances indicated for the swim workouts are in meters. The workouts have been designed for a 25m pool. All of the bike sessions have been designed for outdoor riding but can easily be duplicated indoors. If you are planning to ride indoors please keep the Main Set the same but scale the warm up and cool down to 60-70% of the written duration. The duration of the swim sessions is an estimate- please use the distances prescribed as your target. The Volt strength-training platform will often prescribe three workouts for the week. You will only do the first two. During the strength sessions choose one of the warm up routines. Please avoid any of the finishers with the exception of the core workouts, which you can add if you please.

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