Running – 8 week 10km – ADVANCED


This 8-week program is designed for intermediate to advanced runners who want to race a 10K.

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This 8-week program is designed for intermediate to advanced runners who want to race a 10K. The program will require 4.25-7 hours per week and should be integrated with a Volt strength-training plan (available to B78 Endurance Hub members). With this program, you can expect an increase in running mileage and the inclusion of running intensity to improve your running pace and economy. If you want to run a 10K, you have to be ready to run fast!

Throughout this program you may find terms that you are not familiar with. If this is the case please refer to the program appendix available at the B78 Endurance Hub programs section. We wish you the best of luck with your training.


This program is designed for intermediate to advanced runners who are experienced runners. You might be new to a training program and that is totally normal. If you have the time, begin your training with the 8-week general preparation (advanced) and/or 8-week 10K (advanced) programs first, which are found in the B78 Endurance Hub and will build the base needed to take on this 10K program.

Programs to follow this one

After this program, you can explore other event specific programs for intermediate and advanced runners. There are 5K, half-marathon and marathon programs available on the B78 Endurance Hub. If you are new to using a training program, then look at running a half-marathon before running a marathon. This will allow you to gradually build up your mileage so your body can adapt and decrease its chances of developing an injury. If you are used to running half and full marathons then you can choose which program works with your running goals at the moment.

Other things you should know

Run times are indicated in minutes as opposed to distance. Everyone runs at a different pace so this way you are running the right distance for where you are at in the moment. The Volt strength-training platform will often prescribe three workouts for the week. You need to do these in the order that they occur, so do Day 1 before you do Day 2. During the strength sessions choose one of the warm up routines. Please avoid any of the finishers with the exception of the core workouts, which you can add if you please.

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