5 awesome recovery practices

What are your recovery practices? Do you apply consistent recovery strategies alongside your training? When we practice quality recovery as part of the training workload the body overcompensates and we will become fitter, which is fundamental to building that race fitness! Tune into episode 8 with Jasper for 5 fantastic tips on best recovery practices!


Recovery nutrition

What are your habits post-training? Do you have a habit? Another favorite for Dr. McQueen is a focus on Recovery nutrition. Recovery nutrition is another fundamental and foundational piece in your training and racing plan. Tune in to episode 7 with Dr. McQueen for valuable tips on recovering your recovery nutrition! 


Logging your nutrition

Do you log your nutrition and food intake using an app, or perhaps write down your food intake? Even though we all have different training goals there are some key fundamentals to be aware of with your individual nutrition plan and what will suit you best when it comes to fuelling for your goals. Tune …

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Logging nutrtion


Goal setting is a common practice among various performance fields. It is normal for the majority of us to set goals. The reason behind this is that setting goals leads to greater attainment than not setting goals. An episode not to be missed as Shannon leads us through setting SMART goals for better performance.

A cyclist trains on a road in the summer sun.

Finding flow state

Ever experience a training session or race that feels effortless or that feeling of being in the zone? In Episode 4 with Shannon Thompson, she discusses Flow state and finding the optimal performance state where our best feels effortless. She will also share her methods to improving and increasing your frequency and time in Flow state.

Kylie Acford racing

Immune health

In Episode 4 of Dr. Kim McQueens master classes, she addresses immune health and how we can make smart training decisions when around training when we are not feeling well. She also gives some valuable insight as to how we can support our immune system nutritionally both during sickness and proactively.

Runner training

Deliberate Practice

In episode 3 Shannon Thompson discusses the value of deliberate practice in training. When practicing deliberately you are focusing precisely on one area of your skill and then stretching it a little bit outside your comfort zone to find improvements. What are you trying to improve in your upcoming season?

A runner races up a long steep rock slope.
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