Dr. Kim McQueen, Naturopathic Physician

Kim McQueen has worked extensively with National and World level athletes in Rugby, Rowing, Triathlon, Running and a host of other sports. Her knowledge in the nutrition and sports nutrition world is priceless. The opportunity to learn from Kim in such an intimate setting is huge! Kim’s Master Classes will cover a wide variety of topics in the nutrition space

Dr. Kim McQueen provides inspiration in health and fitness throughout all areas of her life and career

A naturopath since 2001, Kim has a philosophy of ‘heal from the inside out.’ She works closely with her patients to help elevate their lifestyles to meet their overall goals of health and wellbeing.

As a sought-after speaker and consultant, Kim provides motivation combined with practical day-to-day insight to everyone from high school students to top athletes.

In 2012, Kim co-founded Rumble Supershake. Her combination of highly nutritional and great tasting ingredients helped the protein beverage’s sales soar and gain a loyal following throughout North America.

Kim has dedicated a portion of her career to working with some of Canada’s top athletes from Rowing Canada, Rugby Canada and national triathletes to help them reach their goals. An athlete herself, Kim has run the Boston Marathon and was a coxswain with the Canadian Rowing team.

Dr. Kim McQueen is a sports psychologist.
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