6 Marathon Training Tips to Keep Your Fall Training Plans on Track


When talking with seasoned endurance runners it’s common to hear how fall is their favourite season for marathon training. The cooler temperatures, bucolic scenery, and fewer crowds on trails can be a welcome experience for runners. Especially in comparison with the heat and bustle of the summer.

To take full advantage of autumn’s great weather and advance your endurance goals, consider the following marathon training tips. They’ll help you improve your skills and stay on track for the next several weeks.

Fall Marathon Training Tip #1: Stay Hydrated

As temperatures dip and autumn weather lessens the sun’s bite, it’s easy for runners to neglect drinking enough water. Couple that with many runners tackling longer training distances and, it’s easy to see why runners often suffer from dehydration in the fall months.

Cool temperatures can deceive many runners into thinking their body is losing less water during a fall training session. However, maintaining proper hydration is extremely important for all endurance sports athletes, regardless of the season. Be sure to bring enough water and fuel with you to stay charged and injury-free when training in the fall.

Fall Marathon Training Tip #2: Make Training a Priority

After the conclusion of summer, schedules can become hectic and demanding. Returning to structured school schedules, work demands, and fulfilling family commitments can push personal marathon training priorities to the side. If this begins to happen with your training schedule, be sure to acknowledge the situation and adapt your training strategy accordingly.

For example, a university student trying to balance a hectic study schedule may not be able to keep up with the rigours of their summer training regimen. Still, they can likely adapt their schedule to include a reasonable amount of time and can still be dedicated to proper training. They can easily reach out to their marathon training coach for effective and personalized training strategies right for their schedule.

Fall Marathon Training Tip #3: Get Your Fall Gear On!

Switching out summer clothes for more seasonally appropriate options is important to keep your marathon running goals on track. Different seasons introduce different environmental conditions that successful runners should address accordingly.

Great Fall Running Gear Ideas

Consider swapping your summer running shorts and tanks for the following fall-friendly running gear:

  • Light-weight running jacket
  • Compression tights, running pants
  • Headlamp
  • Animal deterrents – bear bells, bear spray, whistle
  • High-vis clothing, reflective patches on clothing

Fall Marathon Training Tip #4: Push Yourself

When weather conditions are favourable, as they are in most Canadian regions from September to late November, take the opportunity to push your training skills to the next level. Consult with your running coach and create a training plan that will allow you to challenge yourself.

Use the mild temperatures and dry conditions to increase mileage, speed, or attempt a challenging trail with higher elevations. When pushing yourself to new training limits, be cognizant of your body’s need for adequate recovery.

Recovery Tips

Prevent developing a running injury as you introduce new training challenges to your body. Don’t skip scheduled stretching and rest sessions. Consider participating in less-strenuous exercises to remain active while recovering from intense training sessions. Cycling, swimming, and weight training are examples of good active recovery options.

Fall Marathon Training Tip #5: Enjoy the View

Fall leaves and awe-inspiring scenery is the autumn season’s most celebrated characteristic. And, there’s no better way to take in the glory and golden hues of the season than by hitting the trail for an invigorating and challenging run. Enjoy the sights and smells of your favourite route, or take the time to explore a new-to-you path or trail.

Fall Marathon Training Tip #6: Rely on Your Coach

Having a coach during seasonal changes is an excellent way to keep your training goals on track and moving forward. Marathon runners who have the backing of their network – including family, friends, and knowledgeable experts, tend to be more successful than those without support. Your endurance coach understands the challenges of training for a distance sport, in every season, and can help you remain injury-free and progressing consistently during the fall months.

Let B78 Coaches Keep Your Autumn Endurance Training On-Point

This fall, keep your marathon training goals on track and on-point with help from the expert team available at B78 Coaching. The B78 team has helped runners of all abilities and fitness levels to attain their personal and professional endurance sports goals. For more information, and to sign up for your personal training plan, contact B78 Coaching.

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